Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A high school teacher in Fort Myers plans to take her AP Biology class on a field trip to the renowned Edison Ford Winter Estates. She books a charter bus to easily transport the 32 students on the trip. The teacher rents a 37-passenger bus so there’s room for chaperones too. She needs the bus for 8 hours to allow time to tour the botanical gardens and laboratories. At a rate of $125 per hour, the total comes to $1,000. With the 30% discount offered to schools, the price is reduced to $700. The teacher decides to add a 15% tip, bringing the grand total to $805. That’s only $25 per student for a full day educational charter bus rental. The teacher is thrilled that the charter bus allows the entire class to stay together and makes transportation effortless.

Example #2

A law firm based in Fort Myers is planning an end of year celebration for their employees. The managing partner decides to charter a bus to take the 50 attorneys and staff to a resort in Naples for a fun day by the beach. He books a 56 passenger charter bus for a day rate of $650 to transport the group to and from the resort. The bus picks up everyone from the office at 9 AM and returns at 5 PM for a total of 8 hours. With the day rate plus mileage over 100 miles roundtrip, the total cost comes to $975. They decide to tip 10% for a job well done, bringing their grand total to $1,072. The cost per person was only $21 to have reliable transportation for their beach outing.

Example #3:

A high school football team in Fort Myers is headed to the state championship game in Tampa. The coach wants to arrange bus transportation for his team and coaching staff of 40 people to and from the game. He decides to book a charter bus rental for the big trip. For a 56-passenger charter bus to make the 2-hour drive each way, plus wait time during the game, he is quoted $950. The rate is $95 per hour, and the coach needs the bus for about 10 hours round trip. With the charter bus, the team can relax and focus on the big game rather than driving separate cars. The charter bus allows the team to travel together, building camaraderie. In the end, the cost per person comes out to only around $24 for comfortable transportation to the championship game. Go team!

Example #4:

A local little league team in Fort Myers is heading to a weekend tournament in Tampa. The coach wants to book a fun charter bus for the 2.5 hour ride for the 12 players and their families – about 40 people total. He finds a charter bus company that can accommodate the group in a 47 passenger bus with TVs, WiFi, and even a bathroom onboard. The coach books the bus for a day trip, picking up at 7 AM in Fort Myers and dropping off back there around 7 PM. The 12 hour day charter costs $950 total. With 40 passengers splitting that cost, it comes out to around $24 per person roundtrip. Much more affordable than having families drive separately. The coach tips 10% at the end for providing a comfortable ride. Getting the team to the tournament in a charter bus builds camaraderie and gets everyone excited for a fun weekend of baseball.

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in Fort Myers, Florida. They expect 150 guests to attend their seaside ceremony and reception. Since parking is limited at the beach venue, they decide to rent a charter bus to shuttle guests between hotels and the wedding. They book a 56 passenger charter bus for 10 hours to accommodate multiple trips at a rate of $140 per hour, totaling $1,400. On the big day, the charter bus picks up guests from their hotels starting at 2PM and makes continuous loops to the beach venue until 7PM when the reception starts. The happy couple tips 10% for providing smooth and timely transportation. With 150 guests, renting the charter bus for the wedding costs around $9 per person – much less than other transportation options. The charter bus rental ensures guests arrive on time and provides worry-free transportation so the couple can focus on celebrating their special day.

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